Exercising: How to be “suns out, buns out” ready


Hey guys! Checking in today with my younger brother…he’s home from college for the summer. He plays football for Rocky Mountain College in Montana…obviously he works out a lot…(because there isn’t a lot to do out there.) For the last three years, he had been telling me that I need to start doing squats…(everyone used to joke about how I had a “thutt,” which is where there is no definitive difference between your thigh and your butt…it sucked…I was actually called “Little Booty”…also sucks). So, I gave in one day and went to the gym with him. Oh my gawd, it was so freaking hard. My legs felt broken for a week…it was like death by squat rack. It took me a couple months to try and get back into the whole squatting thing.

My second time getting back into squatting, I decided to squat without the racks or weights…

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