6 Life Hacks Learned in Prison That Will Maximize Your Productivity


A life hack is defined as a strategy or technique to more efficiently manage one’s time and daily activities.

After I quickly shook off the shock of being sentenced to two to five years in prison for a bar fight that took place seven years prior, I proactively made the decision to make my time behind bars the most productive time of my life. Have I mentioned prison has parallels to startups? Yes, I have (How My Life As An Entrepreneur Shaped My Time In Prison and 3 Entrepreneurial Skills Inmates Perfect).

Tim Ferriss thinks his life is an experiment, but give a natural born entrepreneur two years in prison and you’ll see real life experiments.

As you can imagine, there’s little to do in a 6-foot-by-8-inch gray cell. Just like any Chuck Norris movie, I had to take a quick inventory check of my resources to figure…

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